Milestone: Porsche Macedonia celebrates 15 years of success

This life-changing year marks 15 years from the begging of operations of Porsche Holding in North Macedonia. What started as a big ambition and a handful of people, 15 years later developed into a market leader with more than 100 dedicated employees.

Porsche Macedonia was founded on December 1st, 2005, as a part of the Porsche Holding regional strategy to unify the Volkswagen Group Brands under single roof and achieve maximum synergy on the market.

The company grew quickly and expanded over the years. At first only the Volkswagen and Audi brands were represented, soon to be followed by the acquisition of the ŠKODA brand in 2007, the SEAT brand in 2014, and Porsche brand in 2016. 

Today Porsche Macedonia is by far the biggest importer of new motor vehicles in the country, by offering a unique customer first approach in providing innovative, customized and highly efficient solutions to the clients.

“I’m very proud of what we have achieved. In 2005 we set a clear goal. A goal that never expires. A goal that launched us to success and still keeps us there – Our commitment for maximum customer satisfaction. All our efforts are focused on that task.” – said Dr. Zlatko Mucunski, the Managing Director of Porsche Macedonia.

“I have been working in Porsche Macedonia for three years now and I can say I have received the warmest welcome here and an excellent collaboration. For my first birthday in Porsche Macedonia I have received a birthday card saying – “Happiness is when you are dropped in the middle of somewhere and you still land in safe hands”, and the message does exactly fit to the experience I have made here. This is a unique blend of 100 individuals, all of them different but all working as one when it comes to achieving full customer satisfaction. The synergy is amazing, and it is a real pride and pleasure to be a part of this team.” – said Mag. Christoph Erlmoser, Managing Director of Porsche Macedonia.

“This year marks an important milestone for us. We have become an established player in the market. Over the last 15 years, we have acquired the experience and in-depth know-how to ensure our clients reliable and efficient solutions. It has been quite the journey to get where we are now. We had to experience the good and the bad at a time of great change for our industry. Still, we have managed to build and maintain an excellent company and built a strong team, who together, delivers the highest standards and services at all times. It is due to our great flexibility, motivation and strong innovation skills that we are where we are today, at the top of the automobile market in North Macedonia,” – Mucunski adds.

2020 is a year of crisis, but also a year of opportunity. Difficult times are part of life, but after every challenge, we are coming out stronger than before. We believe that this crisis will soon be over, and the best way to overcome it, is to focus on the people. Because people bring success.

Porsche Macedonia is dedicated to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. But in order to have satisfied clients, one must have satisfied employees first. We are dedicating this milestone to our employees. Instead of a big celebration, we will use the creativity to honor every employee with a Special Porsche Macedonia 2020 package. Because even though 2020 is a difficult year, its also our 15 years of success. And success should be celebrated.